Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Samir Geagea educates young people about drug abuse

The campaign against drugs initiated by Samir Geagea aims to raise awareness among Lebanese youth from the dangers of drug abuse and impact on society. The message that Samir Geagea, the Leader of the Lebanese Forces Party, to educate young people about the dangers of drugs.
 “Some may wonder why we give a big importance to drugs issue. In fact, the drugs problem is much more dangerous than we imagine or assume yet. Unfortunately I hear sometimes in the community theories that have nothing to do with reality. I hear theories and sayings that pave the drugs abuse for the new generation. Like, “a small amount of drug does not harm”, or “a small amount of marijuana does not hurt”, even recently, it comes to the point where we hear some students saying that, before exams, a small amount of cocaine helps to pass the exams. All of this has nothing to do with reality. It is rather very harmful and leads to erroneous estimates by the younger generations. Also it generates indulgence on drugs matter, which leads to that these students, without conceiving and considering the real dangers of drugs, indulge in abusing drugs and find themselves facing a real difficult problem, where the man almost stops being a human being. Why drugs? Because they all, of all kinds, lead eventually to death. Maybe not the physical death, but they lead to death of the humanity in us. When the human being in a man dies, why should he go on living? Even though he still have feet to help him walking, and even though he remains capable of breathing. The harm that drugs cause is not limited to the drugs addicted person. Be sure that each person takes drugs, he does not hurt only himself, but also the whole family suffers: the father suffers, the mother, the brother, the sister, the wife and children, sometimes neighbors, and cousins. Therefore, imagine the damage that hits the society as a whole. If we want and aspire  a developed, civilized and really free society, we need to participate, all together, in a very big campaign against drugs so that as soon as a baby opens his eyes knows that there is a prohibition named drugs, and no one must approaching them.”
Samir Geagea.