Friday, May 15, 2015

Samir Geagea wants 'e-government' to curb public sector corruption

BEIRUT: Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea has called for the creation of an "e-government" as an answer to the country's notoriously inefficient and corrupt public sector.

“Electronic government is the closest and fastest solution for the proper functioning of the Lebanese administration,” Geagea said during an LF ceremony Tuesday night, according to remarks released Wednesday.

E-government, the LF chief clarified, is the use of web-based telecommunication technologies to improve the efficiency and service delivery in the public sector.

It is a necessity for a country like Lebanon, since it would facilitate citizens’ transactions and increase public sector productivity, he said.

Geagea added that shifting to e-government would curb the corrupt practice of bribing public sector workers in order to receive better treatment.

Procedural automation will also reduce public sector employment, contribute to administrative decentralization, decrease the cost of public sector management and will diminish the public deficit in the long run.