Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How Can World Powers Combat the IS and Remain Silent over Syrian Regime?

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea condemned on Tuesday the double standards adopted by the international community in combating terrorism, saying that they “overlook certain forms of terror due to their personal interests.”
He said during a conference on terrorism held in Maarab: “How can these powers combat the Islamic State group and still remain silent over the regime of Bashar Assad?”
The IS was born about three years ago, while the regime dates back to at least 40 years, he continued.
The number of people living under the IS rule is less than 3 million Syrians, while about 20 million Syrians are suffering under the Assad regime.
The IS has killed about 4,000 people, while during the same three-year period, the Assad regime has killed tens of thousands of people, declared Geagea.
“We should not overlook the unprecedented police apparatus that was installed in Syria” and the oppression of the people.
“Given these facts, who is more dangerous, the IS and al-Qaida or the Syrian regime?” he asked.
In spite of its history, Damascus is being treated by the international community “as a valid regime even though it does not respect the most basic human rights.”
If the world is committed to combating terror, then it should do so in full, demanded the LF chief.
Plans similar to those adopted to fight terror should be devised to fight the Syrian regime “otherwise we will be faced with a never ending cycle of violence,” he warned.
“If we want to defeat a certain disease, then we should properly diagnose the problem,” he concluded.