Tuesday, September 22, 2015

National dialogue 'waste of time': Samir Geagea

BEIRUT: The Lebanese Forces will not participate in the dialogue called for by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, the party's leader announced Saturday, saying it would lead to nothing.

"It will be like the previous ones, a waste of time," Samir Geagea said of the dialogue, adding that it did not make sense for political leader to discuss "the gender of angels" while the country "is drowning in garbage."

Berri called for a national dialogue to be held in the Parliament on Wednesday, Sept. 9 to discuss the country's political crises. Earlier this week, the speaker had urged the Lebanese Forces to participate in the dialogue, which was welcomed by most political factions.

In response, the You Stink campaign called on Saturday for a massive demonstration near Nejmeh Sqaure, where Parliament is located.

"What is needed now is one thing: to head to Parliament and elect a president," Samir Geagea said. "Going for dialogue now shifts the attention from the main decisive step, the only one that can... save us from the current crisis: electing a president."

Article taken from: dailystar.com.lb.